Dr Alison Davis

Alison is the director of Vision Education. She has a PHD from Auckland University (2007); a 1st class honours masters degree in Educational Management and organisation – MAED ADMin (2002), an Advanced Diploma of Teaching (Distinction) and was a Bright Futures Scholar 2003-2005.

Alison leads a range of educational projects in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Asia. For more information and a summary of Alison’s CV email office.vision@xtra.co.nz

Alison is the author of nine teaching resources. These resources are

Teaching Reading Comprehension 2007

Building Comprehension Strategies 2011

Teaching Reading Comprehension 2016

Explorations: Strategies for Comprehension Informational text –(2012, 2013)-  5 separate modules for teaching reading comprehension (text and digital based materials) for students with reading ages 7-13 years, ESOL learning and intervention programmes

Effective Writing Instruction (2013)

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Alison was also on the national writing team who developed and wrote the following resources

Effective literacy Practice 1-4

Effective literacy Practice 5-8

Oral language 1-3

Oral language 4-8

Literacy Learning Progressions

The exemplars in the Reading and Writing National Standards


Alison currently holds the following roles:

Director of Vision Education – a professional development company providing professional development, mentoring, support in literacy, assessment, culturally responsive pedagogies, support students with special educational needs, digital technologies and inquiry into the impact of teacher/ leader practice on student outcomes.  The Vision Education team, work across various cities and towns in New Zealand providing and supporting PLD to Communities of Learning|Kāhui Ako and schools.


Expert partner for Communities of Learning – Alison is currently an expert partner for two Communities of Learning – assisting them to frame their Communities of Learning achievement challenges, areas of inquiry and areas of support. In this role, Alison provides support, mentoring, coaching and monitoring to assist Communities of Learning leaders and the growth and development of the Communities of Learning over time. Expert Partners act as critical friends with Communities of Learning|Kāhui Ako Leaders to support the development of achievement challenges and associated action plans. The partners support Communities of Learning|Kāhui Ako to strengthen evidence gathering practices, critical data analysis and evaluation skills, problem definition and evidence informed action planning to respond to their achievement challenge. They also provide external critique and work with Communities of Learning|Kāhui Ako as they form and will support them to self-sufficiency.


Member of the Teacher Led Innovation Fund allocation and monitoring team – TLIF
In this role Alison works with a MOE appointed team to allocated funding for teacher-led inquiry. This funding enables teachers to lead inquiry that draws on effective practice and research and leads to innovative practice based on an identified area of learning need. For further information please visit – http://www.education.govt.nz/ministry-of-education/specific-initiatives/investing-in-educational-success/teacher-led-innovation-fund/

Alison is an accredited facilitator available for centrally funded PLD.  Click here to read her summary of practice.

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Skillful and Strategic Professional Learning

“Our Vision facilitator (Justine) built positive relationships with everyone she worked alongside and skillfully aligned her sessions with what we needed to develop in our practice based on our strategic aims.  Her professional development with staff has grown teacher knowledge, improved practice and accelerated progress for our learners.”

Tracey Bennett
Hautapu School

Knowledgeable and Authentic Professional Development

Benneydale School has been working with Leitia for 2 years in a wide range of capacities. Leitia has run a number of Teacher Only Days focusing on effective literacy practice in the classroom and she has modelled and supported best practice related to differentiated learning programs that support accelerated learning. Leitia has worked alongside teachers in the classroom providing feedback and support on teacher effectiveness. She has supported planning meetings with teachers and worked with them to refine their programs through using a coaching model. Evidence of teacher growth due to these coaching sessions can be seen in class practice. We have found Leitia to be very knowledgeable, quick to understand our needs and work with us to create our own PLD journey. I would recommend Leitia as a facilitator for any school wanting to provide authentic opportunities for staff to challenge their thinking and work towards enhancing their practice for the benefit of all learners.

Vanessa Te Huia
Benneydale School